Game and Train works closely with our training partners to help them identify recurring revenue streams.

Like so many of our partners you have likely delivered excellent training to thousands of learners. Unfortunately, once that content has been delivered it is very difficult to generate ongoing revenue. A situation is created where you are constantly seeking new clients for the same content, or new content for the same client.

This is where Game and Train can help. Our mobile learning platform can help your organization to maintain a training relationship with your learners long after the original content has been delivered.



One of the saddest realities of the training industry is that so many of our learners forget what they were taught in the days and weeks after the course was taken. For these learners, taking the same course over again is not practical or possible.

The Game and Train platform provides an incredible reinforcement engine for your content. Through the use of mobile technology, ongoing push notifications and subtle game mechanics, we help your learners retain what you taught them. By putting content reinforcement directly on their smart devices and using multiple compulsion loops to draw them back, we can help you dramatically improve content retention.

Meanwhile, our analytics engine provides you and your client with unprecedented insight into the ongoing content consumption and a basis for continuous improvements.

Try our Coffee Shop sample app to get a view of the learner’s experience.

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