David Chandross, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D.


David Chandross is a curriculum design consultant specializing in gamification in both health professions education and higher education.  He is currently the Program Coordinator for Ryerson University for their joint program in senior’s education at Baycrest Health Sciences and a research associate and game-based learning designer working as an independent curriculum consultant. Research interests include learning and aging, educational innovation and gamification in health care.

Current Position Titles

Program Coordinator

Baycrest Learning Academy for Baycrest Health Science and the  Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University, Toronto

Gamification and Game-Based Learning Designer

Ted Rogers School of Management and the Chang School at Ryerson University

Gamification Design Consultant and Lead Game Designer

Game and Train/ARC Business Solutions, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto

Current Projects

Design of Learning Simulation/Games for the Canadian National  Center of Excellence Age Well Grant for Workgroup 4.2: Social Connectedness and Gamification in Seniors to Reduce Isolation and Depression

Design and of Gamification-Based Systems for  Health Professionals Working in Long Term Care for the Baycrest Health Sciences Center, funded by MoH and SimOne, Center for Learning, Research and Innovation Reporting to Dr. Raquel Meyer

Research on the Effectiveness of Gamification in Undergraduate Business, Social Media and Nursing Courses through Ryerson University Teaching and Learning Grant

Design and Testing of a Gamification-Based Addiction Treatment Program for Adolescents through the College of Family Physicians Danny Glazier Grant


Doctor of Philosophy 1994 – Higher Education, University of Toronto

Masters of Education – 1992 – University of Toronto (OISE) – Medical Education and Curriculum Planning for the Health Sciences

Masters of Science – 1987 – University of Toronto – Specialization in Somatosensory Neurophysiology and Clinical Neurosciences – The Measurement of Evoked Potentials and the P300 Waveform in Higher Level Sensory Integration and Attention

Research Associate 1983-84 – Ontario Cancer Institute and University of Toronto Department of Medical Biophysics – Specialization in the Role of Neurotransmitters in the Regulation of the Primary Immune Response

Research Associate Post-Graduate – 1982-1984 – McMaster University – Neuroscience Research Group – Specialization in the Neuropharmacology and Immunology of Gastrointestinal Inflammation

B.Sc. (Honors) – 1979-1982 – Trent University, Biology with a Specialization in Neuropharmacology

Past Positions

Research Associate: Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University: Simulations and Advanced Gaming Environments

Education Coordinator: University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, MacDonald Research Laboratories, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Clincial Liasion Coordinator: Clinical Research Associate Program : The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences

Academic Dean: Interim and Assistant Dean: Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Faculty:  Immunology and Nutritional Biochemistry for Charles Sturt University, Australia

Faculty,  Ryerson University – Continuing Education Division: raining and Development, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology

Online Curriculum Developer: Ryerson University and The Michener Institute

Educational Consulting Contracts in the Field of Curriculum Design

  1. Educational Evaluation Design Consultant: Development of a Faculty Ranking and Promotion System for Trainers in Medical Acupuncture, for the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, Approved 2001
  2. International Educational Consultant – Web-Based Learning Using Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Multimedia in Distance Education: For the Canada-Child Health Foundation, in conjunction with the World Health Organization. This project involved senior administrators at 8 different major teaching hospitals throughout China, providing web-based instruction in management, information technology and health technology assessment. The program had 32 participants who used a novel, web-based PBL format for instruction. 1997-1998
  3. Invited Speaker – Harare, Zimbabwe – New Approaches to Training in the Management of Medical Technology, Harare Conference on Medical Technology Management. I represented the British Columbia Institute of Technology, working with consultants from Italy, Germany, Benin, Mauritius and Mozambique – 1997.
  4. Consultant on Distance Education – Harare, Zimbabwe – in Medical Technology Management – for the Minister of Health and the Minister for Medical Technology,
  5. Curriculum Designer: Emergency Preparedness Training, Distance Education Program, British Columbia Institute of Technology, 1997
  6. Educational Media Designer: Distance Education Learning Program for Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute in Conjunction with the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, 22 Hour Videotaped Instructional Program, 1997-1999
  7. Curriculum Development Consultant: Problem Based Learning and Clinical Problem Solving, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Reporting to the Dean of Health Sciences, 1997
  8. Evaluation Design Consultant: Development of Certification Examinations for Medical Acupuncture for the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, 1996-1998, Approved by University of Toronto Faculty of Continuing Medical Education in 1999, Approved by Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia Colleges of Physicans and Surgeons, 1999
  9. Educational Consultant – Certification Examination, for the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario, including Objective Structured Clinical Examination and Biological Sciences Examination for entry into practice, Approved for implementation in 1995
  10. Educational Designer: Health Food Association Retailer’s Education Program – Educational development grant provided through Boeringer-Manneheim, and Quest Vitamins for a national certification program for health food store employees on supplement safety and guidelines for advising customers on the use of natural therapeutic agents – 1995
  11. Educational Facilities Consultant: Space Study for Facilities Utilization completed for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1994 as part of a long term strategic relocation plan.
  12. Educational and Curriculum Consultant: Self Study for Accreditation, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Candidacy Approved, 1995, Full Accreditation Approved, 2000
  13. Expert Consultant on Training: North American Free Trade Association meetings on Medical Acupuncture, March, 1998, Toronto, Ontario, NAFTA Proceedings on Regulation of Acupuncture for Physicians – Contact, Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, Toronto
  14. Coordinator and Course Developer: Michener Institute Distance Education Program in Medicinal Plant Chemistry and Clinical Nutrition, Approved for Continuing Education Credit by the Ontario College of Pharmacy in 1997
  15. Educational Coordinator for Courses in Psychosomatic Medicine with Dr. Allen Kalpin, M.D., Environmental Medicine with Dr. Alan Abelsohn, M.D., and Multicultural Medicine with Dr. Ronald LaBonte, Ph.D., Including Educational Media Design (Audiotaped Presentation Series for Family Physicians) – Launched 1996, Still Available
  16. Consultant on Problem Based Learning and Post-Secondary Education; Toronto General Hospital Program in Administration of Oral Medications in Chiropody and Podiatric Medicine, 1995-1996
  17. Lecturer: University of Toronto Medical School, First Year Undergraduate Elective in Alternative Medicine, 1988-1990
  18. Instructor, Post Diploma Nursing Physiology at Peel Memorial Hospital, Specialty Program, 1985-1987
  19. Invited Speaker, Creative Approaches to Learning Styles and Classroom Innovation, Humber College Faculty Association, 1986
  20. Conference Participant: Evoked Potentials and Selective Attention: Neuroscience Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., November, 1986
  21. Instructor, Registered Nursing Assistants at Toronto Western Hospital Advanced Training in Physiology, Post-Graduate Nursing, 1984-1985
  22. Lecturer in Nutritional Aspects of Sports Medicine, Toronto General Hospital Chiropody Program, 1993-1996
  23. Instructor in Pain Physiology and Natural Methods of Pain Control, Princess Margaret Hospital, Ontario Cancer Institute, 1984-1986
  24. Instructor, Pharmacology and Natural Medicine, Humber College Program in Herbology, 1984-1985
  25. Consultant on Complementary Medical Research, Evoked Potentials and Electromyographic Activity BeforeGraduate Student Coordinator for Guest Speakers in Botanical and Nutritional Medicine, McMaster University Medical Centre, Medical Sciences Program, 1981-1983

Presentations Accepted for 2016

Introducing Gamification as a Learning Strategy in a Fourth Year Professional Health Elective in Family Health Nursing: Canadian Nursing Education Conference, 2016, L. Schindel-Martin, K. LeGrow, D. Chandross, R. Bajko, D. Fels

The Adaptation of Learning Management Systems for Gamification-Based Learning in Continuing Education: CAUCE-CNIE Conference, 2016, D. Fels, R. Bajko, D. Chandross

D2L/Brightspace gets power-up’s: The development of gamification API’s for LMS: Canadian International Conference on Education, 2016, D. Fels, R. Bajko, D. Chandross

The Design and Implementation of Game-Based Learning Systems in Higher Education and Health Professions Education : The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2016, R. Meyer, R. Bajko, D. Chandross, D. Fels, L. Schindel-Martin

Undergraduate course gamification: Forging beyond multimedia and social media contexts into health sciences curriculum: The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2016, D. Chandross and R. Bajko

Undergraduate Gamification and LMS Design in Higher Education: Ryerson Faculty Conference, 2016, D. Fels, R. Bajko, D. Chandross, L. Schindel-Martin, K. LeGrow

Research in Gamification in Progress or Completed 2016

A Study of Frame Game Learning, Social Connectedness and Gamification in Seniors, D.Kaufman, D. Fels, D. Chandross (Funded within the Age Well Framework)

SOS! A Game-Based Simulation App to Improve Care of the Elderly: The Value of Instant Feedback and Analytics to Learners, Educators and Managers, R Meyers, J. Reguindin, D. Chandross (SimOne Expo 2016)

Integrating Game-Based Elements in Assessing Learning Outcomes, Speakers: Robert Bajko, David Chandross and Leonora Zefi, Ryerson University, Learning Outcomes: Evolution of Assessment, 2016, Council of Ontario Universities

Recent Workshops or Professional Briefs

Gamification in Health Professions Education: SimOne Conference, December 2014

Gamification in Undergraduate Education, Ryerson Faculty Conference, May 2014

Gamification Systems Across Health Professions Education, Training and Medicine, Ryerson Faculty Conference, May 2015

Learning, Mastery and Aging, Ryerson 50+ Program: February, 2016

Playing Games at School: University Affairs, Feb 2015

Gamification Design Projects 2014-2016

SOS App for Frail Elderly Care: Training Game for Personal Support Workers and Nurses, for Baycrest Health Sciences, Project Lead: R. Meyer, Ph.D., Lead Designer: D. Chandross, Content Expert: J. Reguindin

Gamification of an Interdisciplinary Internship in Geriatrics, Project Lead, R. Meyer, Ph.D., Lead Designer: D. Chandross, Content and Teaching Leads; S. Helfenbaum and J. Reguindin

Gamification for the Management of Addiction in Adolescents, Daniel Glazier Grant, College of Family Physicians and Surgeons, L. Steele, A. Kalpin, D. Chandross, Lead Designer: D. Chandross

Design of Learning Simulation/Games for the Canadian National  Center of Excellence Age Well Grant for Workgroup 4.2: Social Connectedness and Gamification in Seniors to Reduce Isolation and Depression, D. Kaufman, D. Chandross

Research on the Effectiveness of Gamification in Undergraduate Business, Social Media and Nursing Courses through Ryerson University Teaching and Learning Grant, D. Fels, R. Bajko, J. Hodgeson, D. Chandross

Lead Game Designer and Instructional Designer; ARC Business Solutions, Game Builds Include Customized Platforms for the following Sectors; Cosmetics, Energy, Food, E-Learning, Internal Medicine, First Nations Education, Enterprise and Loyalty Programs

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