100 Blog Posts: A Retrospective

We’ve surpassed 100 blog posts! Many thanks to Dr. David Chandross for writing the bulk of our posts on gamification, game based learning, emergining L&D technologies, and more. We thought it would be a cool idea to revisit 5 of our best and most iconic posts. Here are the ones we chose.

1. Giants of Gamification, The Interview Series: Andrzej Marczewski

Image result for andrzej marczewski

David interviewed Andrzej, one of the most well-known experts in gamification, last June. A fellow colleague and friend of David’s, Andrzej told us his story and what challenges he faced the most when building a good learning game. Andrzej continues to be active in the field and on social media.

2. Game and Train Infographic on Gamification

ARC infographic GaT May 2016 - LI 700 by 400 pixels

This was the first infographic we made and it gained a lot of traction in the community. The ability to simplify gamification applications into an image proved to be really powerful for us. Though slightly outdated, it’s still a good reference and starting point for audience who have just discovered gamification and game based learning.

3. Using Gamification to Create a Story


We thought this was a great series because the idea of narrative is missing from a lot of gamification or learning games. It’s just another one of those mechanics that makes serious games so compelling and sticky.

4. Beyond Gamification – Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part One


We like to think that our series on emerging L&D tech spoke to a lot of people who didn’t really understand the broad umbrella term that is gamification. This 1o-part series served to explain what models it referred to. Part one was all about microlearning and just-in-time learning.

5. Gamification and the Neuropsychology of Learning: Part One

Medical image of brain pathways

Recently, David has been interested in sharing the research behind gamification and game based learning, specifically from a neuroscientific perspective. This series got a lot of traction on social media. It really is amazing to discover that game mechanics and serious games are proven to improve the learning process.


Here’s to 100 posts, and here’s to 100 more! Keep on looking up!